Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's May and It's a Nail Biter

So what? The weather gets nice and I disappear for a month and half. Sorry. It's too nice outside to be cooped up on a computer. However, today is a very special day. Even though it's 80 degrees outside and I'd rather be out there riding a bike and drinking a beer (not at the same time, don't worry), there's some very important business I need to tend to. That's right, it's the Season Finale of American Idol Season 8.

So who's it going to be? Here are my predictions, that up until now I've kept to myself (or at least not on the blog):

While Adam Lambert is extremely impressive, there's something very irritating about his vocal style. He likes to scream. A lot. While that might fly on Broadway - nudge, nudge - I just don't think that will hold up on a debut album. Or any album for that matter. Unless you're Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, or Bjork. Come to think of it, Adam is the ultimate combination of those three. If he can keep in lieu of them, then he might have a shot.

Kris Allen, on the other hand, is quite the antithesis. Not only is he a folkster, he's also very religious. So his debut album might be full of praise to Jesus - and if you know me, I'm not an anarchist, but I'm certainly not into people preachin' & pushin' their religious beliefs onto others. Maybe I'm making too many assumptions. Kris has the voice and creativity and musical talent to take any lyrics - including Kara Dioguardi's awful "No Boundaries" last night - and make it sound DAMN breathtaking.

So while my predictions are still vague and I can see both Lambert and Allen as Idols, it's really up to the 100 million teener-boppers to judge. It's down to the final match:

Adam the Nail Polish Wearin' Rocker vs. Kris the Blue Jean Lullaby Folkster

Who will it be? Here are some other not-so-worthy predictions:

Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield's mind is still pretty ambiguous.

Here's a peek into the official odds.

Scientific Research.