Sunday, February 8, 2009


After a crazy weekend, which included The Pretenders live at Electric Factory in Philly, drinking $10 24 oz. Miller Lites, a backstage conversation with the guitarist from the opening band, meeting Dave the band's tour bus driver, and sleeping in the backseat of my Jeep outside a hotel parking lot in Maryland, I'm beat. 

But this Sunday afternoon I could not get over how fuckin' rad it was to see Chrissie Hynde in black thigh-hi stiletto heels. She was rockin' out to her new album, Break Up the Concrete, and the entire 50-something crowd were brought back to their glory days. I was happy for them and my father, after all Chrissie had always been his dreamrockgirl. Merry Christmas, Pops! 

The opening band, American Bang, were a bit younger and a bit more ... well ... of my era. These Nashville-hair-bred boys knew exactly how to get the crowd goin' and it wasn't easy to jump start these 50+'s. Skinny pants, big hair, fast talkin' fingers, and a voice (courtesy of Jaren Johnston) of smokin' cowboy 'tude took my breath away. Sigh. 

These whiskey-drinkin' boys are so upbeat, they start with a two-step stomp, take it to the sexy swagger, and then split- jump 13 feet in the air. And you're eyes are glued the whole time. Rock at it's best circa 2009.

BANG BANG BANG!!!! America's back.

American Bang's EP is available now via iTunes. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until July for the full album. Catch'em live now until May.