Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meet Stefani Joanne Germanotta a.k.a. Lady GaGa

Part of the Lower East Side circle of party freaks, Lady GaGa has (finally) blown up. Walking the streets with Santogold, Emily King, among plenty more, Lady GaGa has been blowing up stages since she was 14-years old. At just 17, She was one of 20 students allowed early enrollment in the Tisch School of the Arts at NYC. Three years later, after blowing up hairspray cans on stage, interesting self-promotion tactics, and her hit single "Beautiful Dirty Rich," she was signed to Streamline/Interscope Records.

Now 22, post-Gwen Stefani and during the rebirth of electrofunkpop, GaGa has finally gotten her dues. With songs like "Just Dance," "Poker Face," "Love Game," and "Paparazzi" Gaga is careless, sarcastic and fun. Her attitude is light and you can't take anything she says too seriously, especially since most of her songs are about money, fame, and boys.

While everyone mopes around about the depressing state of the world, it's nice to escape to a place of lightheartedness - with a pair of leggings, headbands, high heels and bubbly!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cage the Elephant

If hipster had a genre of music, Cage the Elephant might just be it's mascot. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Once you get past their pretentious attitudes, these Kentucky boys can sure as hell sing. Their roots are so vast, from punk to funk, you can't judge Cage by their cover. 

They've already made it to the UK Singles Charts but are still pretty fresh to American kids. And with a name like "Cage the Elephant" you think some liberal nuts would have caught on to them months ago. The elephant has been caged and President-Elect Barack Obama will be carrying out the donkey's dream. That should have no effect on these southern gentlemen. 

With the punky scream, the White Stripes rhythm, and the vocal vibes of Sublime something tells me they are on the path to being the next big thing. Brace yourselves. If this is music's direction, we're all doomed to give in to the hipster lifestyle.

Check'em out on Myspace. Oh and enter there look-alike photo contest.   

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's About Time for Some Shwayze, Baby

Nowadays music seems to fade in just as quickly as it disappears. Have we stopped caring about the importance of endurance and longevity? Or are we more focused on turning out hits faster than Elvis in a hamster wheel? With the speed of the internet, hundreds of thousands of artists are pumping out hits that allow musical scavengers to discover them with a hit of a button (or a few buttons by way of Myspace).

My all-time favorite internet celebrity pop group is Shwayze! Cisco Adler and Shwayze have an organic, beachy vibe that is typical of the West Coast. However, they are incredibly ahead of their time! Before releasing their debut album they already created enough buzz to have their own MTV show, Buzzin', and every pop fiend - guy, girl or queen - had heard their still unreleased album. Their debut album, Shwayze, was recorded without any outside production.

"That's the death of hip hop," says Shwayze in an interview with

It released on August 19, 2008 and sold 240,000+ copies. Has Myspace and MTV whored out Shwayze so much that fans are already sick of hearing them?

I sure hope not. Groups like Shwayze just have to flex that musical muscle a bit more rapidly than in the past. Last week, Shwayze showed fans how thankful they are of their fans by releasing a 10-track mixtape, Rich Girls. You can't help but love Shwayze, Cisco and Mickey. They claim: "It's not that I'm cheap...I'm just broke." But maybe that's what so appealing about these 3 addictive Cali kids. They are clearly no longer broke - unless, of course, they've spent their $$$ on Shwayze's court fees - so why are they still searching for a rich girl to buy them champagne?

The fame and the glory have not jaded these gentleman, or should I say, dudes. They still rock out in worn out skinny jeans, faded t-shirts, ungroomed hair, and battered shoes. Why? Because the journey to that place (no matter where it might be) is much more fun, than its final destination. Plus, doing laundry on the road is never cheap.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Britney Makes Another Comeback (Sigh)

After watching the highly-anticipated documentary last night on MTV, "Britney: For the Record," I turned off the television and felt sad. Any intelligent person could empathize for what the media has done to the pop-princess. Britney is goofy, ditzy, but she is human. We get it. Although the paparazzi doesn't allow her to have much of a private life, she doesn't seem to be too concerned about showing off her private parts. What does that say about her?

Britney craves attention. The only way she could possibly be so resilient is because she enjoys the spotlight and the cameras. Everyone appreciates some down time and Britney has sacrificed this "down time" for the sake of fame. That was her decision. She walks around with security guards, shops behind a sheet hiding from the 'razzi, drives around in 2-way-mirrored vehicles, and refuses to autograph anything for her fans.

In the most recent Rolling Stone issue, journalist Jenny Eliscu interviews Britney about her most recent "comeback" even though Britney hates that term. Eliscu has interviewed Britney several times over her 10-year career but something was different about this interview, and this Britney. Everything was controlled -the questions had to be approved beforehand, Eliscu and Britney could not be left in the room alone, and topics such as her father's conservatorship over her personal life (which could be extended until his death) and K-Fed were off limits.

The side of Britney we see time and time again, is her inner child - for good or for worse. She explains that everyone thinks she gets everything she wants; however her most simple desires don't come true. She wants to go to a mall and blend in with the crowd. This will never happen. All of her hiding has no doubt made her more mysterious. So maybe she needs to just do it - act like she is an average person and then people will suddenly realize that she is just like everyone else.

The documentary was enlightening, considering she hasn't had the opportunity to defend herself over the past few years. She laughed, she cried, she danced, and ate cheesy grits for breakfast in front of America. I have hope for Britney. She'll make it if not as a celebrity, as a human being.